The Regal Edition

Content Creation
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UX/UI Design
Server Management

The Regal Edition is a national content publishing and marketing firm that serves leading businesses all over the nation. We distribute a high impact, luxury publication and service directory that targets an affluent demographic exclusively. With readers fall in the top 10% income earning category and live in homes valued at $1m or more, we ensure our content and advertisers list are curated and selected specifically for this demographic.

The Regal Edition was searching for a design and development company they could use to create a website that represented their brand in the marketplace. Their criteria was an upscale, modern, clear website that conveyed their message to assist in their sales process. My approach was somewhat minimilistic and undersaturated to give the look and feel they were trying to achieve while carefully planning out their content architecture to ensure their message was recieved properly by prospective buyers.


Geyer Fuxa Tyler